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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A New Class

5T has new class of students! I have taken some time to introduce them to blogging and to the blog of our New Zealand friends. I would like to ask our New Zealand friends to explain to my new class your current sustainability project. What is this project all about? What kinds of things will you have in your "garden"? What assignments are connected with this project? What would we have to do if we wanted to create one of our own?


Roo said...


I'm one of the students in Mr Woody's class.
As you know our current topic is sustainable gardening. For this topic we are using our school greenhouse to try and start a sustainable garden. A sustainable garden is a garden that works in a cycle that reduces the amount of produce you have to buy from a store.
Right now our class is growing some herbs and vegetables in normal soil (no seedling mix that has heaps of chemicals in it). This relates to one of our other topics, Animal Rights.
Mr Woody has a sustainable garden at his place so he knows all about it.
If you are wanting to have a true sustainable garden you will want to consider having these things, compost/wormfarm, liquid manure bins, chickens (hens to lay eggs), beehive to pollinate flowers and other things.
You may want to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices.

If I missed out anything please comment and add.

Roo said...

Oh, here is a link to my blog:

HamilTRON said...

Hello new students!
I'm obviously HamilTRON!!!
We are also trying to include sustainable living imto our lives.

eg: trying to buy FREE RANGED eggs.
And doing that sought of stuff.
We are also learning lots of stuff about gardening and orgainc gardening. We might even visit some farms and barns.

This project is REALLY, REALLY fun!
you guys should try it!


MrWoody said...

Hello people from across the planet. My class are on holiday at present but I am going to a teacher conference and would like to share your blog with them. Is that okay?
Enjoy your year with Mr Teehan!
We will communicate more soon. My class returns to me in a week.

MrWoody said...

We are back into it.
How's your new class?
I use Twitter to communicate with colleagues - i have suggested your class for collaboration with other NZ classes - i have someone who wants to teach Samoan to a foreign audience.

MrWoody said... is someone who might want to share inter-class learning too

tamakitoday said...

Hello Mr Teehans class.
We're a Y7/8 Class in Auckland, New Zealand and I was passed this address by Mr Woody. We've got a presentation coming up where were looking for a few USA students to perform a Samoan Sasa and thought you might be interested. If you go to our blog page on you can see the details and some examples.
Thanks in advance
Mr Webb and Room
Tamaki Intermediate School
Auckland, New Zealand

MrWoody said...

OOOh! Come and join me in my new class and school - we have been talking about you and your class.
We are planning a chicken farm

MrWoody said...

We are currently studying sustainability and are planning to inhabit a new island off the coast of our country.
Please feel free to begin a dialogue between our new 2009 classes :-)
I have soccer mad boys in my class this year.

オテモヤン said...


MrWoody said...

Thanks for your kind words Mr Teehan :-)
Keep in touch