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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A New Class

5T has new class of students! I have taken some time to introduce them to blogging and to the blog of our New Zealand friends. I would like to ask our New Zealand friends to explain to my new class your current sustainability project. What is this project all about? What kinds of things will you have in your "garden"? What assignments are connected with this project? What would we have to do if we wanted to create one of our own?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Second to Last Day of School

This is a short video of the students "hanging around" on the second to last day of school. Stay tuned for a video of the last day of school coming soon!!

This is Mr. Teehan

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Videos to Our New Zealand Friends

Please watch and comment to our videos. Thanks and enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What Have You Learned This Year?

As a final wrap-up to this year, I felt it would be fitting for each student to post a summary of their learning experiences (good and bad). In addition to my own students responding to their classmates, I invite our New Zealand friends to read and respond to the postings, as well.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Once there was a rabbit named Hopper. He has a best friend named Thumper he is also a rabbit. One-day Hopper went to Thumpers house because they were going to get some carrots in the forest. When they were walking into the forest, right across the street from Thumper’s house, Hopper stop look he said, “there are a lot of carrots over there”. Hopper loves carrots, he loves how the out side is orange and when he bites into the carrot it is crunchy, that is his favorite part. Right when they ran to get the carrots the lion said, “don’t touch my carrots but, they said, “ you don’t even like carrots”, but the lion didn’t care. If the rabbits have them then he has to have them. The rabbits got mad and said” you don’t like carrots we like so just give us the carrots and know one will get hurt”. The lion didn’t like their tone so the lion was angry his face got so red it look like a really big cherry. The lion said ”if you pay me 12 dollars for 15 carrots there all yours”. The rabbit like that idea so the rabbits gave the lion 15 dollars. The lion and the rabbits were happy, but when the word got out that Hopper and Thumper paid lion for carrots it was bad. Two days after the day when the rabbits paid the lion, which was Monday every-one herd that lion tricked the rabbits to pay the lion for the carrots. When Hopper and Thumper herd lion tricked them they got mad. Hopper went right over to Thumpers house and said, ”did you know that lion trick use, and we gave him money. Hopper and Thumper went right over to lions house and guess what lion was sacred he didn’t want to get in trouble. That didn’t stop Hopper and Thumper. They ran right over to lions house and Hopper and Thumper rang the doorbell. Lion answered the door, and ask “what”, hopper said, “You trick us, why did you do that”? Lion said, “ I just needed money to help my nephew, it is his birthday in 5 days, and he wants to get him a big gift from me. Thumper said, ” you should have just ask us, it would have not been a problem”. Lion said, "He didn't know that he could do that". But lion apologize and was truly sorry, so what lion did was you could come to my nephew party. Hopper said, ”that would be great”, so Hopper and Thumper went to the party and had a great time. Lion, Thumper, and Hopper were all great friends. They never lied to each other again, and were always telling the truth.

The End