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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A New Class

5T has new class of students! I have taken some time to introduce them to blogging and to the blog of our New Zealand friends. I would like to ask our New Zealand friends to explain to my new class your current sustainability project. What is this project all about? What kinds of things will you have in your "garden"? What assignments are connected with this project? What would we have to do if we wanted to create one of our own?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Second to Last Day of School

This is a short video of the students "hanging around" on the second to last day of school. Stay tuned for a video of the last day of school coming soon!!

This is Mr. Teehan

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Videos to Our New Zealand Friends

Please watch and comment to our videos. Thanks and enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What Have You Learned This Year?

As a final wrap-up to this year, I felt it would be fitting for each student to post a summary of their learning experiences (good and bad). In addition to my own students responding to their classmates, I invite our New Zealand friends to read and respond to the postings, as well.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Once there was a rabbit named Hopper. He has a best friend named Thumper he is also a rabbit. One-day Hopper went to Thumpers house because they were going to get some carrots in the forest. When they were walking into the forest, right across the street from Thumper’s house, Hopper stop look he said, “there are a lot of carrots over there”. Hopper loves carrots, he loves how the out side is orange and when he bites into the carrot it is crunchy, that is his favorite part. Right when they ran to get the carrots the lion said, “don’t touch my carrots but, they said, “ you don’t even like carrots”, but the lion didn’t care. If the rabbits have them then he has to have them. The rabbits got mad and said” you don’t like carrots we like so just give us the carrots and know one will get hurt”. The lion didn’t like their tone so the lion was angry his face got so red it look like a really big cherry. The lion said ”if you pay me 12 dollars for 15 carrots there all yours”. The rabbit like that idea so the rabbits gave the lion 15 dollars. The lion and the rabbits were happy, but when the word got out that Hopper and Thumper paid lion for carrots it was bad. Two days after the day when the rabbits paid the lion, which was Monday every-one herd that lion tricked the rabbits to pay the lion for the carrots. When Hopper and Thumper herd lion tricked them they got mad. Hopper went right over to Thumpers house and said, ”did you know that lion trick use, and we gave him money. Hopper and Thumper went right over to lions house and guess what lion was sacred he didn’t want to get in trouble. That didn’t stop Hopper and Thumper. They ran right over to lions house and Hopper and Thumper rang the doorbell. Lion answered the door, and ask “what”, hopper said, “You trick us, why did you do that”? Lion said, “ I just needed money to help my nephew, it is his birthday in 5 days, and he wants to get him a big gift from me. Thumper said, ” you should have just ask us, it would have not been a problem”. Lion said, "He didn't know that he could do that". But lion apologize and was truly sorry, so what lion did was you could come to my nephew party. Hopper said, ”that would be great”, so Hopper and Thumper went to the party and had a great time. Lion, Thumper, and Hopper were all great friends. They never lied to each other again, and were always telling the truth.

The End

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Snow Day by JI

One cold winter day, a girl name Katie Parker woke up after her long night sleep. She looked outside because last night she heard on the weather station that there is going to be over 5 inches of snow! So Katie walked over to her big white window in her room. When she opened her long purple curtain she screamed on the top of her lungs.

“Be quiet Katie your going to wake up your little brother,” said Mrs. Parker. Katie had a baby brother named Brian. Brian was only two weeks old.

“Sorry,” said Katie. But you will never believe what’s outside,” said Katie.

“What’s outside,” said Mrs. Parker.

“Over five inches of white fluffy snow,” Katie said with excitement!

“Oh my!” said Mrs. Parker.

Katie ran down her long narrow brown stairs. When she got to her living room, she turned on the T.V. to News Twelve New Jersey. She did that because that’s the station that told you if your school is closed on snow days. Katie took a seat on her white sofa. Katie went to Pennsylvania Elementary. She was in third grade. It took the news lady to get to her school because it went in ABC order. Her school was all the way in the P section. In the mean time she made herself a nice hot glass of hot chocolate with two white fluffy marshmallows. Katie loved marshmallows. By the time Katie came back they were just on the letter P. When they said Pennsylvania Elementary she ran to get the phone to call her BFF Sarah Marks Mrs. Marks picked up the phone

“Hello Mrs. Marks,” Katie said.

“Hello,” said Mrs. Marks.

“Can I please talk to Sarah?” asked Katie?

“Sarah’s actually walking to your house,” said Mrs. Marks.

“Okay,” said Katie.

“Bye,” said Mrs. Marks.

“Bye,” said Katie.

Katie hung up the phone and ran up the stairs. Katie put her snow pants on with a red heavy sweater. That was her favorite sweater.

“Can Sarah and I go to Cemetery Hill?” asked Katie?

“Of course you guys could,” said Mrs. Parker.

“Okay bye mom,” said Katie.

“Bye honey,” said Mrs. Parker.

As soon as Katie went down stairs, she put her gloves, hat, and snow boots on. Next, the door bell rang. It was Srah. Katie ran to the door to unlock the door for Sarah.

“Hey Sarah,” said Katie.

“Hey Katie,” said Sarah.

“Want to go sledding?” asked Sarah.

“Yeah I already asked my mom, she said yes,” said Katie.

“So grab your sled and lets go!” Sarah said with excitement!

So when Sarh and Katie went outside, Katie opened her garage door, and didn’t see her sled. Katie and Sarah looked all over. They looked under Mrs. Parkers big gray van. It wasn’t there. They looked in Mrs. Parkers van. It was’t there. They even looked in Katies dad’s car. It still was no were to be found.

“What should we do?’ questioned Sarah?

“Wait I know were it is,” Katie said.

“Were,” asked Sarah?

“It’s in my shed,” said Katie.

Katie and Sarah got Katie’s sled, and headed to Cemetery Hill. As soon as Katie and Sarah got to Cemetery Hill, they went runnung up the tall hill. When they got on the top of the hill,they went rushing down. They did thet for about four to five minutes. Next, they buid a fort, made a snow man, and had a snowball fight. They had a GREAT time. When they were don they went to Starbucks and got a hot glass of hot chocolate. Of course Katie got two white fluffy marshmellows. Before Katie and Sarah went home Sarah said

“Katie, if we have another snow day I’ll meet you at Cemetery Hill again.

“Okay,” said Katie.

PREY or Predator by ss (bestactor24)

In the forest of Stokes, School of Conservation, a female eagle was perched on top of the highest branch of the tallest tree. She thought of the world and fellow animals her babies for she had none of her own. Just as every mom would do any animal would have full respect and be cared for. Every animal looked up to her and respected her besides the food she eats, the mice.

One day a forest ranger came along to find a helpless mouse laying on the ground squealing and seeing the bones on the stomach of the hallow belly. The forest ranger gasped and ran to the mouse in the horrifying site. Although the eagle flew to the mouse picked it up by the back and flew away. The eagle had a tempting urge to try to eat the mouse but already had a good meal so decided to stay off for a couple hours. In the deserted cave eagle put down the mouse. "What is your name little mouse", said eagle while offering a fish. The mouse looked at the slimy disgusting fish. He pushed away the fish and mumbled, "W-w-well I d-don't have a n-n-name. My m-mommy is missing. She went to a dumpster for an evening snack and to get me something. She always goes there. "Aww you must be scared and hungry. I'll take care of you", said eagle, "call me Mama Eagle. We'll find your mom and return you to your mom”. The mouse and Mama Eagle play together and had a good time.

Mama Eagle called the mouse “Titan” for the brave courage’s, spirit. Although Mama Eagle had a quick flash back of the lunch she gulped down with a squirmy tail sticking out of her mouth, a muse near the dumpster. She felt awful. Then again it was her food supply. Was it Titans mom?

Mama Eagle came home to a raving mouse with a group of rats and mice. All had a rope that had a hairy figure, Poison Ivy. Mama Eagle tried to fly away but all the rodents were surrounding her. Everybody threw the rope on her and strapped her to the ground. Titan left her there even all the rodents. Mama eagle broke the vine with a thundering snap in a second. She knew Titan found out some how. Trying to fly away Mama Eagle saw a spot of red not allowing her to fly as fast as she could so he went to the nearest shelter he could find and pecked at the window. Softly the eagle’s strength was being taken right from her. She slowly fell to the ground. A forest ranger happened to be walking and spotted the eagle. As the eagle woke up the red spot was gone but she was in a weird crate. When a human took out the eagle there was an audience of young people staring and blinding him with blight flashes. She wasn’t so interested though. A mouse was sitting in another weird crate. It was Titan. The look on his face was horrible. Until that day the eagle has always been eating her food instead of playing with it.

He Scores by AA

Alnaar Ailkailaisa was a soccer player (also known as a footballer in New Zealand) on three teams, The Uzbek National team, FC Liverpool and Bayern Munich. However, he had a problem. It was the UEFA Champions league final…
You guessed it, FC Liverpool vs. Bayern Munich. He didn’t know what side to choose, Liverpool or Munich. He was valuable to both teams, and was on both teams starting lineup. He then had an idea. I could play with the team that first concedes a goal. That way people will get the most out of their tickets and stay to the end of the match. Almost halfway in, Liverpool was leading
4-0. Then in the 42nd minute, Bastian Schweinsteiger stuck a high volley in the goal from 37 yards out raising the score to 4-1. Then Miroslav Klose dribbled around the keeper and shot on an open net, raising the score to 4-2. After that Luca Toni slotted it into the bottom near post corner, yet raising the score to 4-3 Liverpool. Then, when the fans thought that the game was over, Bayern Munich was awarded with a penalty shot in the 90th minute. Alnaar was to take it. … “HE SCORES!!! Bayern Munich has tied the score to go into penalties. Gerrard had shot and Kahn had saved it so the whole champions league rested on the taker of this one penalty shot and you guessed it, young Alnaar Ailkailaisa. He shoots…

HE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!

If he can handle the pressure, then he can win it for his team!!!!!”

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pig man by EB

One day Andra went out for a walk all the sudden it started to rain and thunder she was scared She was not close to home. When she got closer to home it started to rain even harder she ran the rest of the way home and in a flash of lighting she saw pigman she was so scared when she go home it stopped raining So Andra went to play at her friends lizzy’s house and played until andra had to go home to eat. Then she called lizzy to see if she wanted to play over andra's house. Lizzy went to andra's house they played video games then andra asked her mom if lizzy could sleep over and her mom said yes so lizzy called her mom and asked can I sleep over andra's and her mom said yes. Later that night andra and lizzy were still playing in the basement and dancing to the music until bed time. They went to bed at 11:00 that night. That night lizzy could not fall a sleep because she was afraid that pigman would kill her so she woke up andra and said I am afraid of pigman they watched T.V. until lizzy was not afraid anymore. Then lizzy went to sleep andra stayed awake and could not fall a sleep so she she woke up her mom and told her she was scared and her mom went and downstairs. Andra got back in bed and her mom sat on the couch until she went to sleep then she went up stairs to go to bed. The next morning they went downstairs to eat breakfast but there was no more muffin mix so andra’s mom went out and bought more.

A Trip To Canada by JG

Once there was a little girl named Jenna. She had two chocolate labs. Their names were Hersey and Brownie. Every Saturday and Sunday she would drive to Canada. She loved to go there. She would play in the backyard of the log cabin.

When they first started to go to Canada she would leave Heresy and Brownie at home. They had to hire someone to take care of them. They would have to pay them a lot of money to take care of their dogs every weekend. So Jenna said they could to take the dogs to Canada with them. Her parents where not to happy about it but said “yes”. They said” that they would she what happens”.

The next day they started their car to go to Canada but this time with their dogs. It was a beautiful ride. The mountains and valleys were a wondrous site.

When they got there Jenna went to play in the back yard. She heard something in the woods. She went to she what it was. It was a bear and her cub! She had startled it.

Mean while the dos were barking and scratching at the door. The parents got annoyed opened the door. The dogs darted towards where they were they were. When the dogs saw the bear they started to growl and bark. The bear was scared and ran away.

Her and her dogs went home. She had told her parents what happened. So from now n the bring there dogs to Canada with them.


The Rain Forest Adventure By SG

Taco the chiwawa was on an adventure in the Rain Forest. He was walking through all the branches, trees, and leaves. He was still walking when a monkey came up to him.
" Hi I am Taco" "What's your name?" "My name is Freddy,” The monkey said. "Hi Freddy" Taco Said." I saw you walking when I was up in the tree." Freddy said. " Freddy do you know the way around the Rain forest?" "Yes Taco I live here" “Can I walk with you?” said Freddy “Yes” taco said. All of a sudden Taco fell in a big black hole! Taco quickly tried to get out but he couldn’t. Taco was scared because he was afraid that he would never get out. Then Freddy was building a long rope to get Taco out. Taco grabbed the rope and was being pulled up when the rope snapped. Taco fell and hit the ground. “ Are you ok?” “Yes”-said Taco. Freddy was ready this time he built a ladder and sent it down so Taco could get out of the hole. Next, Freddy knew something was wrong because Taco wasn’t coming out of the hole. Freddy quickly jumped down in the hole. Taco’s left leg was broken. Freddy knew it was probably when the rope snapped and he fell. Freddy Picked up Taco out of the hole and put a cast around his leg. “Thank you Freddy” Taco said. “Your Welcome” said Freddy.

The End

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


One day there was this boy that came to town and tricked people for money . For the next six years people were broke but the boy didn’t care . He kept tricking people for money until they had no money Then the boy left town and there was no money in the town but when the boy left he found one more house but it was the police officer and took him to jail for life and for the next 5 years the town had 20 dollars until the boys brother came but he did video games for next 7 years he stole video games he kept stealing games until there where no more games in the city then when he was leaving the police caught him but he was in jail 8 years and every one got 20 games and they had no more problems for life.

The One Hot Summer Day by btbtbt

One hot summer day a girl named Allison had a special power-she was a witch. She loved to dance. She would always twist and twirl and prance around. She only used her powers for good. If she looked at something a think of what she wanted to do with it and blink it would happen. If she pointed at a chair and think of making it move and point it would happen. As Allison danced along her home she would see a bunch o different animals like- deer, rabbits, fish, dogs and more. Allison only had two friends that she talk to.One was girl named Aresal who was also a witch but Allison is only 15 and Aresal is 20. Aresal had the same powers as Allison. Aersal tought Allison a bunch of new spells and helped her go threw with being a witch but without a mother or a father.Aresal was like a mother to Allison. Allison’s other friend is a cat named sugar. Sugar loved to talk to Allsion.Sugar “Do you think my powers are going away because I don’t use them that often”? “No” sugar replied. “Allison” “Allison” “ Allison where are you?”
‘Allison” said Aresal “Aresal I’m in my room” “ what’s wrong?” allsion said “Allison the evil warlock is coming after your powers” Aresal said panting for air” oh what does he look like”? Allison said. “ Well black cape, gray hair, and scary looking eyes” Aresal said.” wait does he have brown eyes?” Allison said as she thought she seen him before. “Yes how do you no?” Aresal said. “Aresal when you were somewhere in the house the doorbell rang and it was the warlock and he said he was a friend of my brother Dennis’s and he needed my powers to stay alive so take my hand and you brother will be saved. No it is a trick I just got of the phone with Dennis and he is fine. Then he grabbed my hand and took my powers!!!” I swear I didn’t no that he was evil!” Allison said “ok I believe you but what about you powers?” Aresal said with fear. “ Ok maybe in the book of shadows and check if there is a spell to help us, ” said Allison. The book of shadows was a book that had a huge selection of spells. “ Lets go to the warlocks castle and lets get your powers”. Aresal said. “ Ok” Allison said. Allison and aresal went to the warlocks castle and got her powers and allsion’s brother Dennis found a girlfriend and they got married and had three kids. Allison found a cute boy to hang out with. A year later Allison got married to the cute boy and they lived happily ever after with sugar. and Aresal went to witch school to become a witch teacher. All lived happy ever after!!!!!!!

My Two Front Teeth By KD

When I was 9 years old I slept over my Nanny’s house with my cousins. I was almost August and I had a birthday party the next day at 3:00pm. We all wanted to go swimming in my Nanny’s pool. She has a small waterslide that is so much fun. Me and my cousin, Erin, would race to the slide to go first. The concrete around the pool would get slipperier every time we would race. So when we were racing we ran and Erin slipped and pushed me down on accident. I fell on the concrete and cracked my two adult front teeth. I looked like a vampire cause it looked like I had two fangs and blood was dripping down. So my mom called the dentist and he said to come right now. So we did. He put a glaze over the sharp part so it didn’t hurt. We had to go back tomorrow at 12 to get them fixed. on the way there I started to get worried that if this takes to long I will miss my friends birthday party. He fixed them in a hour and a half. Now I have bondings and no they are not fake they’re like regular teeth.

The Stormy Night By: E.K. (An0nym0usb0b)

It was a dark, stormy night. The wind was whipping, the thunder was roaring, and the rain poured down. At that moment, the power went off. I heard an eerily familiar scream in the distance. “It can’t be,” I thought aloud. It can’t be, but it was.
Another scream came, but it sounded like it was from upstairs. I was very nervous, for I was alone, until now. I went upstairs, my heart pounding. “Mom?” I mumbled, unable to say anymore. My fear came over me, and I went through the door, only to see what I most feared.
“Help me!” I could barely make out the words my mom said, through her taped mouth. Next to her was a tall man. He said in a deep rich voice, “Say one more word, I kill you both.”
Suddenly thunder boomed, shaking the house. We both lost balance and fell to opposite sides of the room. I hit the silent alarm, signaling the police and my dad’s phone. I was shaking of fear, so I didn’t notice the storm was now a light rain. In minutes, the cops were here, and the man was arrested for braking into my house and almost taking my mom hostage. I’d never live this down, I thought aloud. “I’ll be back,” the man said, while being driven away.

The Beautiful Butterfly by CG

One day there was this little ugly worm. And two pretty caterpillars. The worm always dreamed of being a caterpillar and then one would turn into a butterfly. Everyone always picked on him . “ your never going to be one of us “!But then the next day things started to change .He just wanted to sit around and sleep. “Owh know what is happening to me .”He wondered .So he decided to climb up a tree to think for a little bit .And the whole time he was thinking he started to build a cocoon. He went in side and stayed in the cocoon for a couple days and when he came out he was a beautiful butterfly. And it goes to show dreams really do come true!

The Race by AM

Once upon a time there was a bear that wanted to be faster than the fastest animal. The animal was cheetah. So the Bear went to Cheetah and asked him “Can we have a race to see who is faster.”

“You already now I’m faster so why bother.” ‘Please!” said Bear.

“Okay but you are fat and slow and you won’t be able to beat me.” sighed Cheetah. That got Bear mad and Bear said, “Give me tree days”
When Bear got home he realized he needed a trainer to help him. He went to the fastest animals in the world, but they all said no. His last hope to get a fast trainer was to ask Bunny. Bunny said yes, because he was afraid if he said no Bear would eat him, but Bear wasted so much time looking for trainers that it was already 12:00 PM. He went to sleep.

The next morning Bunny woke him up at 5:00. Bear couldn’t wake up, but did after Bunny sprayed water on him. Bear trained hard that day and got much faster. That night Bear completely forgot about hibernation. After he told Bunny, Bunny ran to Cheetah to tell him. Cheetah replied “Sure he just wants to get out of the race.” “No really!” said Bunny. “Okay but when he wakes up the race is on” said Cheetah

3 Months Later
Begin, and the race started Cheetah easily beat Bear, because Bear was still to tired to run anymore. After the race Cheetah went over to Bear and told him “I told you that you are to slow.” But Bear was fast asleep.

Snake and the Fox by EP

One day fox was sleepy, he went to find a countable place to sleep on. He gathered leaves and piled it up. He tried it out it was not countable so he went search for countable things. while he was searching he saw a pillow on the ground. He sat on it. he said that it was countable. While he was sleeping he heard a noise. The noise sounded like a snake. he looked up and saw the snake head on front of him. He was sitting on the snakes body. Fox started running away but the snakes tail grabbed foxes foot and pulled it then snake sat on top of fox and then went to sleep.

Drowning by DAF

Once when I was about 3, I was at my old babysitter's townhouse. She would bring me over there a lot when she babysat me. It was summer. At her complex there was a pool. We were at the pool swimming. I didn't know how to swim so I wore floates. I was swimming around and I had to go to the bathroom. I got out of the pool and took off my floates. When I got back from the bathroom, I really wanted to go back in the pool. Not thinking I ran in. Since I didn't know how to swim, I went under the water. It was the low end but I was to small to touch the bottom. The lifeguard had to jump in and save me. After that, I put on my floates and went back in the pool.

Happy Birthday Snail! by GN

“Happy birthday Snail! What o you want to do today go to the park, come to my house , or see a movie?” said Penguin[Snail’s brother]. “Oh I don’t know lets go for a walk.” Snail suggested. “No that is stupid!” Penguin shouted!

“As the two brothers argue the door bell rings dig dong. “I got it!” said Snail. Snail opened the door it was Beaver. “Hey Beaver what brings you here?” Snail asked. “I came to say happy birthday, well happy birthday well bye!” Beaver rushed. “No stay we are trying to find out what to do I wan to go for a walk and Penguin thinks that is stupid!” Snail demeaned.

“Is that true Penguin?” Beaver asked “Well yeah going for a walk is stupid.” answered Penguin. “But it is Snail’s birthday he should get to pick.” said Beaver. Penguin walked up to Snail and said “I am sorry it is your birthday you should get to pick what to do.”

So the three of them went for a walk and lived happily ever after!!!!!!

Bob and His Burger by D. F

One day a guy named Bob went to Burger King to get a Burger. He’s in Burger King he orders what he wants. Bob always puts ketchup on his burger. Bob was going to a table he was going to sit at. The first thing he did was taking the top off the burger. Bob was looking for the ketchup for 5 minutes. He couldn’t find it. So he asked the people for ketchup. I f you want ketchup you have to pay another 2.75. You should have it over by the soda machine. McDonalds has it over there. McDonalds and us are enemies. Yea whatever. I’ll take my food and leave. I’M going home to watch a football game. I’ll never come here again. So Bob takes his food and leaves. So he is at home and he is looking in the refrigerator for the ketchup. It’s not there. He got mad. So he went to Path Mark to get some ketchup. So he went home and ate his burger. He was so happy to have ketchup on his burger.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Podcasting Lessons Using Audacity Software

Below you will find instructional video clips on how to use Audacity Software to create podcasts.

This video explains how to create a file.

This video explains how to save and export a file an an MP3.

This video explains how to blend two audio files together as one file.

This video explains how to blend a music file and audio file together and control the volumes.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Debating Who Flew First

Kitty Milo suggested we debate on who was the first to fly - Richard Pierce or the Wright Brothers?

Let me know what you think. If there is enough interest, let's do it! Also, if we do debate the topic, what would be the best format to use so both sides could present their points? Blogging? Audio files? Some other idea?

I have created a separate blog for the debate. Click below and post your positions. Happy debating!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

How can we Skype each other?

This is a picture of a classic 1953 West Long Branch Police car. Enjoy!

I am asking all students in my class and in Mr. Woody's class for possible solutions to this problem. Since New Zealand is 17 hours ahead of New Jersey, how can our two classes Skype each other? Is it possible? In order to solve this problem, we have to consider the time schedule of each school. Also, do both school's have the ability to Skype? How do you know?

Let's try to work together to find a solution so we can communicate real-time!