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Monday, June 16, 2008


kitty milo said...

cool! now i know who you all are. but i didn't here anyone say backflip, and i wanted to see mr teehan=] you guys accents are funny=]lol. bye

kelly d said...

backflip is wearing light pink pants and a white shirt. sitting in front row with brown hair in a ponytail.

KOOL KID said...

glnglnglnglngln is now changed to [KOOL KID]

backflip2396 said...

heyy kitty milo
its backflip2396. In the video iam next to jki and gn. it is in the first row. I luv ur accents too. they sound soooooooo cool.

kitty milo said...

lol thanks. you're guys accent's are waaay better than our boring ones. lol. i saw you this time i saw it, we are going to be putting on a better video with all of us in it like marz barz, snow girl, me and yeh. also, how you say kia ora is kee-ora as one word. we say it in our next post. I
have a question for any of you guys-
when do you start and stop school? what subjects do you study?
whats your school's name?
how does your national anthem go?

Cheetahlicious said...

Hey guys!
That was really cool.
Your accents are really cool.
Two days ago we talked with 4 people from Minnesota and they had funny accents too.
Well it's nice to see who all you guys are and if you guys want to sort of see me, I'm the one always jumping up and down and I have medium length, brown hair and brown eyes.
I am the other Maori teacher.
Did you guys know that the different iwi (tribes) say Maori words differently.
So I say "Maori" different then kitty milo.

roxy123 said...

Heyy kitty milo, we start school on September 4, and end June 20.

We study math, spelling, social studies, science, thats pretty much all of them.

Also I love how you guys talk I think its so kool!! =)

Heyy if you dont know yet JT is now roxy123

roxy123 said...

When I said Heyy if you dont know yet JT is now roxy123, I men't everyone I forgot to wright that lol, sorry.